Thousand Island

(3L, 1L, 250ml)

Mayonnaise and ketchup dressings. Versatile applications for green and fruit salads.

Packaging: 4 tubs x 3 litre
Packaging: 12 packets x 1 litre
Packaging: 12 bottles x 250ml

Ingredient list for Thousand Island:
Water, Soya Bean Oil, Sugar, Egg, Tomato Paste, Pickled Relish, Salt, Mustard Powder, Natural Spices, Parsley and Vitamin E. Contains Emulsifiers (INS1442, INS415, INS412), Acidity Regulators (INS260, INS270, INS330) and Stabilizer (INS385) as Permitted Food Conditioners. Contains Permitted Food Flavouring Substances (Contains Cereal, Milk, Fish, Soy and Celery) and Preservative (INS 211).

May Contain Nut.