Real Mayonnaise (High Oil)

(3L, 470ml, 230ml)

Rich and creamy with high-fat content. Ideals for dressings, coatings, bindings, and dips.

Packaging: 4 tubs x 3 litre
Packaging: 12 bottles x 470ml
Packaging: 12 bottles x 230ml

Ingredient list for Real Mayonnaise:
Soya Bean Oil (66.4%), Water, Egg, Sugar, Salt, Glucosylated Steviol Glycosides, Mustard Powder and Vitamin E. Contains Acidity Regulators (INS260, INS330, INS270), Emulsifier (INS415) and Stabilizer (INS385) as Permitted Food Conditioners. Contains Permitted Food Flavouring Substances (Contain Sulphite) and Food Preservative (INS211).

May Contains Cereal (Gluten), Nut, Fish and Milk.