Melly Chilli Sauce (1kg)

A tempting blend of chilies and garlic. It gives you a pleasantly hot and tangy garlic flavour.

Packaging: 12 pkt x 1kg

Ingredient list for Melly Chilli Sauce:
Water, Sugar, Chilli Paste (17.6%), Tomato Paste, Salt and Natural Spices (Contain Sulphite). Contains Emulsifiers (INS1422, INS415, INS412) and Acidity Regulators (INS260, INS330) as Permitted Food Conditioners. Contains Permitted Food Preservative (INS211) and Food Colouring (INS124, INS110).

May Contains Cereal (Gluten), Nut, Peanut, Soybean, Fish, Milk and Egg.

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